Our services

In addition to crypto asset trading, we also offer services where you can get good deals on Bitcoin.


Buy/Sell allows customers to easily buy and sell crypto assets at any time.

  • Multiple currencies are available

    Multiple currencies are available

    We support Bitcoin, Ripple (XRP), Ethereum and more.

  • You can use small amounts

    You can use small amounts

    Using our simple interface, you can buy and sell from as little as 1 JPY.

  • Some fees are waived

    Some fees are waived

    There are no fees for Buy/Sell and deposits made from Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation. More information can be found here.


Exchange service lets you set your own prices for buy or sell trades.

  • Simple trading

    Simple trading

    Our simple and easy to understand interface makes it possible for beginners to buy and sell Bitcoin.

  • Limit order support

    Limit order support

    In addition to normal buy and sell orders, you can also set limit orders to give you a wider range of options.

  • Order book on display

    Order book on display

    You can use the information on the order book to determine how much you want to buy and sell.

bitFlyer Lightning

bitFlyer Lightning is our trade platform that supports spot trades, margin trades, and futures trades for crypto assets.

  • Special order support

    Special order support

    We offer a wide range of crypto asset trades with our special order interface.

  • Margin trading support

    Margin trading support

    With Lightning FX and Lightning Futures, you can use up to 2x leverage, making it possible to profit whether prices increase or decrease.

  • Some fees are waived

    Some fees are waived

    There are no fees for Bitcoin FX trades and JPY deposits through Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation. More information can be found here.

Other services

  • bitFlyer Recurring Buy

    bitFlyer Recurring Buy

    You can automatically purchase your favorite crypto assets on your own schedule.

  • bitFlyer Credit Card

    bitFlyer Credit Card

    Use our credit card to earn Bitcoin cashback rewards based on how much you spend.

  • Referral program

    Referral program

    Invite your friends to bitFlyer and you can both gain Bitcoin rewards.

  • T-POINT exchange

    T-POINT exchange

    This service lets you exchange T-POINT for Bitcoin.

  • Earn Bitcoin

    Earn Bitcoin

    You can earn Bitcoin rewards by using various online services.

  • Brave browser integration

    Brave browser integration

    You can link bitFlyer to your Brave browser to earn BAT rewards.

  • Bic Camera shopping

    Bic Camera shopping

    You can shop at Bic Camera using Bitcoin both in-store and online.

  • Bitcoin donations

    Bitcoin donations

    You can make donations in Bitcoin to the Japan Red Cross Society.

Corporate Services

Click here to ask us about our various corporate services.

  • adFlyer

    We provide a structure for sending Bitcoin rewards. You do not need any holdings, and you can use it as an advertising expense.

  • Point exchange

    This service lets you exchange various points for Bitcoin.

  • Bitcoin payments

    We support payments at various locations and online stores like Bic Camera.

Services for engineers

bitFlyer offers a variety of API.