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Set recurring buy
bitFlyer Recurring Buy

Merits of bitFlyer Recurring Buy

  • Small amounts

    As low as 1 JPY
  • Automatic purchases

    Set when purchases happen
  • Simple setup

    Easy to do Can start on the next day

Risk mitigation by time variation

By varying the time of purchase, you can mitigate the price fluctuation risk.

Risk mitigation by time variation


You can set it up in only 3 steps.
You can start making automatic purchases as early as tomorrow.

Choose a frequency

Choose a frequency

You can choose between daily, weekly, twice a month, or monthly.
Choose an amount

Choose an amount

You can set it as low as 1 JYP and as high as 1 million JPY .
Confirm your choices to complete the setup

Confirm your choices to complete the setup

Purchases will start being made using your JPY balance as early as the next day.


How soon can I start?
You can start as early as the next day. The exact date for purchases will be based on the frequency you select, but it can not start on the same day as opting in to the service.
Are there any fees?
There is no additional fee for this service. Please reference our Buy/Sell service for the rates used at the time of purchase.
Where does the money used for purchase come from?
Purchases are made using the JPY in your account balance. Please ensure that you have a sufficient amount of JPY in your account before each purchase is made.
What happens if my JPY balance runs out?
No purchase will be made on that date. A sufficient amount of JPY must be in your account at the time of purchase. The automatic purchase scheduling will not be cancelled.
Can I cancel the purchases?
You can easily cancel the purchases from the bitFlyer Recurring Buy menu.
Menu > bitFlyer Recurring Buy > Selected currencies > Select the currency you want to cancel > Cancel
How do I change the purchases?
From the menu in the bottom-right, select bitFlyer Recurring Buy. You can change the settings from there.

Disclaimer (please read thoroughly)

  • ●Please ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account before midnight (JST) on the scheduled day of purchase. If there is an insufficient balance, the purchase will not be made.
  • ●If a purchase is not made, the following purchases will not be automatically cancelled.
  • ●The specific time for purchase can not be specified. bitFlyer will designate the time of purchase on the designated date.
  • ●The rate used at the time of purchase uses the price on our Buy/Sell service.
  • ●System troubles on the bitFlyer side may cause the purchase to not execute. If the purchase is unable to execute, no automatic purchase will be made until the next scheduled purchase.
  • ●Crypto assets are not a legal tender. The value of crypto assets are not guaranteed by any individual.
  • ●Purchases and sales on our Buy/Sell service will incur fees to be borne by customers. This means that the actual buy and sell prices of the corresponding crypto assets will differ.
  • ●The fees and other expenses incurred, as well as the calculation methods used, when making trades of crypto assets or over-the-counter derivatives of crypto assets (hereafter collectively referred to as “crypto asset trades”) are written on our Fees and Taxes page.
  • ●Before being able to trade over-the-counter derivatives of crypto assets, it is necessary to make a margin deposit. More information can be found on our “What is Lightning FX?” and “What is Lightning Futures?” pages.
  • ●The principal can not be guaranteed for crypto assets trades or trades of over-the-counter derivatives of crypto assets. Losses may be incurred due to fluctuations in the prices of the crypto asset being traded.
    When beginning or continuing to trade, please be sure to thoroughly read and understand all of our documents that require user agreement and trade when your resources, trading experience, and trading purpose are judged to be appropriate. Trade at your own responsibility.
  • ●When trading over-the-counter derivatives of crypto assets, the amount being traded may exceed the amount in the customer’s margin deposit, which may lead to losses being incurred in excess of the amount in the customer’s margin deposit.
  • ●If the private keys or passwords used in electronic authentication are lost, you may completely lose access to the corresponding virtual currency and its value may be lost. Additionally, you may incur losses if these are abused by a third party.
  • ●Crypto assets may be used for payments with unspecified persons, or bought and sold with unspecified persons as a counterparty. Crypto assets may only be used to settle a set price in the event that the person receiving the payment agrees to the amount.
  • ●Customers may incur losses if the conditions of our business or assets deteriorate.
    We manage customer assets separately from our own assets.

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